Sourdough Trouble Shooting Workshop

Roger will be holding a sourdough trouble-shooting workshop morning for those bakers who are struggling to get it right.

This is for those bakers who have had baking sourdough experience but lack the knowledge of how to achieve the crumb and crust that make this loaf so special.

You will discover where you are going wrong and what you need to do to improve your loaf.

There will be a chat about Sourdough and a look at every aspect of the procedure. Our aim is to send you home feeling confident with the knowledge of improved baking skills.

Bring along your starter and loaf and Roger will let you know which aspect you need to concentrate on.

There will be a demonstration and you will have hands on experience of shaping and baking.

As your new found confidence you will leave with some Red Dog Starter and the knowledge of how to bake your own delicious levain.

The workshop is £55 and Starts at 9am.